The Successful Story Of A 100-Year-Old Oak Tree Removal In Texas

Trees can certainly be moved. However, with the use of tools and time that is not short. One example is the removal of oak or oak trees by the League City Government. It’s a city that can be found in Texas, USA. In the video that is uploaded by the CityofLeagueCityTX youtube account, the City Government of League moved a 100-year-old oak tree. A tree with a height of 56 feet or about 17 meters and a width of 135 inches or 342 cm, this was moved in June 2012. To move one of the trees takes even a month. However, if you simply need to move some smaller trees, you can always hire a tree service company to help you.

In removing the tree, there are several processes that must be carried out. This process is also done by several people at once. First, the contractor starts by hydrating, fertilizing, and pruning trees. They also take soil samples from current locations and new locations to compare. For the excavation process, the contractor must make a kind of trench around the tree and then form a box with a sharp point down using wood. The contractors then dug a tunnel under the “tree box” so that the bottom of the box could be installed, one at a time.

After all the bottom sections are installed, 4 steel beams are placed under the tree box section and lifted with 2 cranes or lifting equipment. In its transfer, two bulldozers and two excavators were used. How is the state of the tree after 10 months being moved? Usually, the trees that are moved do not last long because they often do not fit into the new land or place.

However, the condition of the oak tree was found to be fine after being moved. Experts say the tree is well regulated. The tree gets a lot of rainwater (irrigation system is used as needed) and nutritious snacks (food).

The removal of the oak tree was considered a success despite spending a lot of money and a long time. Based on a video upload on the CityofLeagueCityTX YouTube account on June 13, 2013, the oak tree appeared to be healthy and well-built.

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